Role Models (2008): Kiss-My-Anthia


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The clip Kiss-My-Anthia from Role Models (2008) with Christopher Mintz-Plasse

I can't believe my eyes.
A minotaur!
Where are you?
Hear he, hear he.
This is a battle to the last man standing,
and the victor shall rule the realm.
There'll be no magical rejuvenation powder today.
Instead, if you are killed, you are done!
Fight well, and may the best country win!
Stay close, like cotton on a lamb.
Brothers and sisters of the new nation of Kiss-My-Anthia,
I stand here before you not as the Augie Farks you once knew.
Today I stand before you a warrior!
For time eternal,
I have let the naysayers of this world bring me down.
They used to say, "You shouldn't fight.

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