Role Models (2008): Play a Game of Pac-man


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The clip play a game of Pac-man from Role Models (2008) with Jane Lynch

Can I tell you how deeply, deeply I regret this situation with this latest Big?
It's completely unacceptable, and at Sturdy Wings,
it's not how we roll.
So I'm going to guarantee you that Mr. Gary
is our most experienced and dependable volunteer.
Let me put it this way.
If I had a nickel for every year that I've been with Sturdy Wings,
I would have enough money to
play a game of Pac-Man.
Been five years.
And if I stay with Sturdy Wings for another five years,
then I'll have enough for another round.
Another round of Pac-Man.
Five cents for every year, times five...
That's 25. We get it.
That's 25 cents.
That's a quarter.
But the Pac-Man here, I think it's 50 cents.

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