Role Models (2008): Start Our Own Counrty


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The clip start our own counrty from Role Models (2008) with Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Paul Rudd

What are you doing here? I'm breaking you out.
There's a nation at war. Are you in?
Aye... I am, too. Come on.
Wheeler hasn't called me back. Are you guys gonna make it or what?
I don't know, Beth. I mean, I can't speak for Wheeler, but I'll be there.
You gotta promise me. Yeah, I promise. I just...
I'm helping Augie with something, and then I'm on my way, okay?
County courthouse, 3:00. All right.
Man, I'm gonna kick some Cacedonian ass.
Yeah, totally.
It's Artonius.
Bid him good morrow.
Greetings, Artonius.
Get ready for some pain.
What? What? Wait. No, no, no. No, you can't do that.
You're out of Xanthia. What are you talking about?
Sorry, Blufgan.
Forget it, Danny.
They said I'm too much of a liability.
They're kicking me out of Xanthia.
What? Are you serious?
Screw them. We'll start our own country.
We can't.
All my costumes have the same colors and same symbols as Xanthia.
And besides, you can't start a country with two people.
No? What's the minimum?
Where you going?
You can't go anywhere. Come on.
What do you want, asshole?
Actually, we need your help.

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