Role Models (2008): Bigs


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The clip bigs from Role Models (2008) with Jane Lynch, Paul Rudd

Okay, then.
Welcome, everybody.
You know, it's particularly exciting for me to have a new batch of Bigs
to match up with a new group of kids, or Littles,
as we call them here at Sturdy Wings.
I see a familiar face.
Guilty as charged.
I'd already prefer jail.
All right. Let's move right along here.
Schedule-wise, you can elect to spend
as much time with your Little...
or as little time.
It takes a village.
Hillary Clinton. I'm sort of into politics.
I'm sort of engaged.
I sort of have a boner.
Got lots of handouts, information to cover,
so let's get started.
First time with the program?
Oh, God, really?
Wheeler, switch with me. No way, dude.
Martin Gary. I can always spot a newbie.
It's my fifth year with Wings.
I guess Paul McCartney's got nothing on me, huh?
Love, take me down to the streets
That's not a Wings' song.
Yeah, that's one of their hits from the '70s.
I'm not sure which one. It's not a... It's not.
It isn't?
I think it might be.
No, it's not. Nobody sings that song.
I don't know about that. I'll have to google it.
That's right, some kids are allergic to their own sweat.
So probably best to put the kibosh on physical activity.
Maybe play a boardgame or tell a knock, knock joke.
Knock, knock. Who's there?
Mike Snifferpipits.
Mike Snifferpipits who?
Mike Snifferpipits who? How many Mike Snifferpipits do you know?
Come on! Let me in. It's cold out here!
Martin, come on up here.
Let's do a little dimostrazione.
Perfectly acceptable hug between a Little and a Big.
Ooh, la la!
This is not.
Well, obviously we're not supposed to butt-fuck these kids.
Well, it looks like I'm out of handouts.
So why don't we take a little break, get a cup of joe?
I know I'm gonna put mine right in here.

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