Role Models (2008): Make Way for King Argotron


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The clip make way for King Argotron from Role Models (2008) with Paul Rudd, Ken Jeong

Bow as your daughter does.
Why bother?
Good one, sir.
Man, why do you bow for that guy?
Because he's the king, and he rules the entire realm.
He rules the entire realm? Yeah.
My bad. Is that when he is or isn't whacking it to The Sims?
You know, Augie, maybe you should think about losing the cape.
At least in public.
People tend to avoid people in capes.
I know that's not the case here.
Look at these people.
I like these people. No, I know.
But, you know, this isn't reality. It's not the real world.
I know that, but in this world, I don't have to be me.
I'm stuck again!
Well, looks like maybe one of your people could use a hand.
Help! Help! Help! Her, I don't like.

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