Role Models (2008): Live Action Interactive Role-playing Explorers


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The clip Live Action Interactive Role-playing Explorers from Role Models (2008) with Paul Rudd, Bobb'e J. Thompson

Hey, pick us up in two hours.
Fuck you, Miss Daisy!
So, Augie, why do they call it Laire?
It's Live Action Interactive Role-playing Explorers.
We're all divided into countries,
fighting a never-ending war to control the realm.
Or until they have to clear you out for soccer practice.
Greetings, nobleman!
Any friend of Blufgan's is a friend of Kuzzik,
fifth son of Leponius, earl of Ringor.
Diana has put her bosom away.
Apollo has lifted his skirt. The day has been launched.
May I present to you my vassal, Artonius?
Greetings, friends.
Tell me, Blufgan, art thou preparing for the Battle Royale?
'Tis a mere month away.
Aye, my lord.
Huzzah, huzzah!
Godspeed, Blufgan, and all hail Xanthia!
Hail, Xanthia! Hail, Xanthia!
What the fuck just happened there?
They're my kinsmen.
We're all from Xanthia.
We're a smaller country, but we're no Cacedonia, Danny.
Ow! Don't hit so hard! Okay.
Hi, Blufgan.
Hey! Hey, Esplen.
Blufgan! Blufgan! Blufgan!
All right, Gleebo. One more.
I should have never started feeding the goddamn elves.
Jesus Christ.
Hey, master handler.

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