Role Models (2008): Meeting the Littles Part 2


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The clip meeting the littles Part 2 from Role Models (2008) with Jane Lynch, Seann William Scott

and you don't wanna go to prison.
That's scary!
And FYI, you're playing on this girl's court now, okay?
So you're playing by her rules. Are you the coach?
I am the coach. I'm the coach, and I'm the point guard,
I'm the two forwards, the center, and I'm the other guard.
I'm the entire organization.
Hey, there, Ronnie. How you doing today? Doing a little drawing?
That's cool.
I want you to meet someone really special.
And I think you two dudes are gonna become real homeys.
Ronnie, this is Anson.
Wheeler's good.
Hey, big guy. What you doing here?
What up, Ronnie? It's good to meet you.
What you drawing there?
Oh. Beyonc?. She's smoking!
I don't want to take my pants off!
What? Whoa, whoa!
All right, Ronnie. That's enough.
This bitch tried to grab my joint!
Language, Ronnie!
My language is English!
And this motherfucker tried to grab on my hang-down.
I got my own hang-down to touch, kid.
Honky-ass wanted a handful of my balls!
Honky? That's racist.
Well, I trust you two will work this out. I'm not gonna micromanage.
Not my modus operandi.

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