Apollo 13 (1995): Venting Oxygen


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The clip venting oxygen from Apollo 13 (1995) with Kevin Bacon, Tom Hanks

What don't we have? A.C. Bus one, A.C. Bus two...
command module computer and O2 flow high.
I don't know. Maybe this is a caution and warning failure.
Houston, we are venting something out into space.
I can see it outside of window one right now.
It's definitely, uh... a gas of some sort.
It's got to be the oxygen.
Roger, Odyssey. We copy your venting.
Give me an alignment.
Let's think about the kind of things we can connect.
Let's start back at the beginning.
Anything look abnormal?
Okay, listen up. Quiet down, people.
Quiet down. Quiet down. Let's stay cool, people.
Procedures, I need another computer up in the R.T.C.C.
I want everybody to alert your support teams.
Wake up anybody you need and get them in here.
Let's work the problem, people.
Let's not make things worse by guessin'.
13, this is Houston. We are going around the room. We're gonna get you answers.

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