Apollo 13 (1995): Wanting to Go Home


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The clip wanting to go home from Apollo 13 (1995) with Bill Paxton, Tom Hanks

Thirteen, this is Houston.
We're reading your telemetry. It's good to see you again.
Good to see you too, Houston.
We are picking you up at a velocity of 7,062 feet per second...
at a distance from the moon of 56 nautical miles.
Stand by for your P.C. Plus two burn data.
I had an itch to take this baby down, do some prospectin'.
Damn, we were close.
Gentlemen, what are your intentions?
I'd like to go home.
We got a burn coming up.
We're gonna need a contingency if we lose comm with Houston.
Freddo, let's get an idea where we stand on the consumables.
Jack, get into the Odyssey...
and bag up all the water you can before it freezes in there.
Let's go home.
Aquarius, we got some P.C. Plus two burn data for you fellas.

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