Apollo 13 (1995): Jim's Son Worries


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The clip jim's son worries from Apollo 13 (1995) with Tom Hanks, Miko Hughes

Four days. But that's pretty fast.
See, this is the Saturn 4B booster...
and it shoots us away from the Earth...
as fast as a bullet from a gun...
until the moon's gravity actually grabs us and pulls us...
into a circle around the moon...
which is called an orbit.
All right?
Fred and I float down the tunnel into the lunar module...
this spidery-lookin' guy.
Only holds two people, and it's just for landin' on the moon.
And I take the controls and I steer it around...
and I fly it down...
adjustin' it here, the attitude there, pitch, roll...
for a nice, soft landing on the moon.
Better than Neil Armstrong. Way better than Pete Conrad.
Dad... did you know the astronauts in the fire?
Yeah. Yeah, I did. I knew the astronauts in the fire. All of 'em.
Could that happen again?
Well, I'll tell ya somethin' about that fire.
Um, a lot of things went wrong.
The, uh... The door.
It's called the hatch. They couldn't get it open when they needed to get out.
That was one thing. And, uh...
Well, a lot of things went wrong in that fire.
Did they fix it?
Oh, yes. Absolutely. We fixed it.
It's not a problem anymore.

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