Apollo 13 (1995): Training with Jack


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The clip training with jack from Apollo 13 (1995) with Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton

We're into program 64. We're in 05 Gs, so we're feeling that gravity now.
Houston, we are at 400,000 feet passing entry interphase.
About to lose signal.
Reentry data is nominal, and we have radio blackout.
What's the story here?
I got a corridor light. We're comin' in too shallow.
I'm goin' to manual.
Houston, switching to S.C.S.
Roger, Thirteen.
Okay, we're at three Gs.
Five Gs.
We're comin' in too steep.
I'm gonna stay in this roll, see if I can pull us out.
We're at eight Gs.
Nine. Ten.
We're at 12 Gs.
Twelve Gs. We're burnin' up.
Damn it!
I gave 'em a false indicator light at entry interphase.
Even Mattingly didn't get it the first time.
How ya feelin', Freddo?
So what happened?
Came in too steep. We're dead.
No shit.
Yeah, we were into program 67 there.
Okay, we're gonna do this again, obviously...
but give us a minute to get our switches reset.
Jim, could we have a word?
Oh, sure, Deke.

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