Apollo 13 (1995): Ken Gets Replaced


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The clip ken gets replaced from Apollo 13 (1995) with Kevin Bacon, Gary Sinise

Listen, I-I gotta take that.
Oh, why?
Because I'm on the backup crew...
and the backup crew has to set up the guest list and book the hotel room.
Swigert. Yeah.
I looked all around
Yes. Yes, sir. Uh-uh, I understand.
Thank you, sir.
Why don't you come with me, little girl
On a magic carpet ride
Well, you don't know what we can see
Why don't you tell your dreams to me
Well, I, uh...
Medical guys.
I had a feeling when they started doing all the blood tests that, uh...
I mean, I know it's their ass if I get sick up there, but, I mean... Jesus!
Oh, boy.
Swigert, he'll be fine. He's, uh...
He's strong.
It'll be a hell of a mission. One for the books.
You sure about this? Why don't I talk to Deke?
I'm sure we can work this out.
This was my call.

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