Apollo 13 (1995): Breaking Up the Crew


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The clip breaking up the crew from Apollo 13 (1995) with Tom Hanks, Chris Ellis

We have that scheduled for 0900 hours tomorrow.
That's not gonna work, Walter.
Freddo and I are gonna be goin' over the lunar surface experiments tomorrow...
and Ken's gonna be back in the simulator.
We're gonna be goin' over the flight plan tonight.
Gonna pay a visit to this machine after you're hard down. Thanks.
Jim, we've got a problem.
We just got some blood work back from the lab. Charlie Duke has the measles.
So we need a new backup.
You've all been exposed to it.
Oh, I've had the measles.
Ken Mattingly hasn't.
You wanna break up my crew two days before the launch...
when we can predict each other's moves, read the tone of each other's voices?
Ken Mattingly will be getting seriously ill...
precisely when you and Haise will be ascending from the lunar surface.
That's a lousy time for a fever.
Jack Swigert has been out of the loop for weeks.
He's fully qualified to fly this mission.
He's a fine pilot, but when was the last time he was in a simulator?
I'm sorry, Jim. I understand how you feel.
We can do one of two things.
We can either scrub Mattingly and go with Swigert...
or we can bump all three of you to a later mission.
I've trained for the Fra Mauro highlands...
and this is flight surgeon horseshit, Deke!
Jim, if you hold out for Ken, you will not be on Apollo 13.
It's your decision.
Oh, let it ring.

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