Apollo 13 (1995): Jim's Conclusion


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The clip jim's conclusion from Apollo 13 (1995) with Tom Hanks

Our mission was called a successful failure,
in that we returned safely, but never made it to the moon.
In the following months, it was determined...
that a damaged coil built inside the oxygen tank...
sparked during our cryo stir and caused the explosion that crippled the Odyssey.
It was a minor defect that occurred two years...
before I was named the flight's commander.
Fred Haise was going back to the moon on Apollo 18,
but his mission was canceled because of budget cuts.
He never flew in space again.
Nor did Jack Swigert, who left the astronaut corps...
and was elected to Congress from the state of Colorado.
But he died of cancer before he was able to take office.
Ken Mattingly orbited the moon as command module pilot of Apollo 16...
and flew the space shuttle, having never gotten the measles.
Gene Kranz retired as Director of Flight Operations just not long ago.
And many other members of Mission Control have gone on to other things,
but some are still there.
And as for me...
the seven extraordinary days of Apollo 13 were my last in space.
I watched other men walk on the moon and return safely,
all from the confines of Mission Control and our house in Houston.

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