Apollo 13 (1995): Powering Up the Ship


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The clip powering up the ship from Apollo 13 (1995) with Gary Sinise, Ed Harris

Arthur, my notes are clear on that last sequence, right?
Excuse me, gentlemen.
I was getting a little blurry there.
Here's Ken. Here's John.
It's good to see you, Ken.
This is the sequence.
Was it tried on the hardware yet?
We didn't have time.
Aquarius, Houston. Do you read?
Yeah, we read you, Ken.
Are the flowers blooming in Houston?
Uh, that's a negative, Jim. I don't have the measles.
Jim, is Jack in there with you?
Uh, yeah, stand by one. We gotta get him on comm.
Put those on the table.
Oh, damn it. Thanks, Jackie.
I think it would really help if you could...
just distract her when the heavy predictions come in.
Yeah, yeah. We'll give it a shot.
Blanch, these nice, young men are gonna watch the television with you.
This is Neil Armstrong, and this is Buzz Aldrin.
Nice to meet you.
Are you boys in the space program too?
Okay, Jack, give me a read-back on that last procedure.
Uh, stand by, Ken.
Ken, I'm having trouble reading my own writing.
I guess I was a little more tired than I thought.
Uh, don't worry, Jack. I'll talk you through it.
Okay, find the main bus breakers on panel 11.
Yeah, main bus breakers.
Got it.
Close main bus B.

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