Apollo 13 (1995): Running Low on Oxygen


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The clip Running low on oxygen from Apollo 13 (1995) with Bill Paxton, Tom Hanks

You want to cut the duct tape three feet long.
Tell him to use his arm.
Just use your arm.
It's a good arm length.
I see what you're getting at. Hold on.
Jack, tear that piece of tape down the middle lengthwise.
All right?
Hold on, Houston.
While the astronauts appear to have enough oxygen to keep them alive,
one thing they have too much of is carbon dioxide.
With each breath, the three men expel...
more of the poisonous gas into the lunar module cockpit,
and the scrubbers intended to keep the atmosphere breathable...
are quickly becoming saturated.
Oh, shit. I tore it.
Houston, what do we do if we ripped the bag? Can we tape it?
They just tore the bag.
Oh, no.
Uh, stand by. What should I tell 'em to do?
They should have one more.
But they've still got a long way to come.
They are now working on their backup facilities, their emergency facilities.
The problem is, if anything more goes wrong, they're in real trouble.
As most of you are aware, there is no rescue possible in space flight.
Any rescue system the space agency has long since calculated...
Hold this a minute.
Since any rescue system the space agency calculated...
One sock.
Once you have the sock in place,
we're gonna want you to bungee...
Work it in.
The entire filter assembly to the bulkhead,
right above the LEM canister.
We're getting close to 15.

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