The Promotion (2008): Richard Smokes Again Part 3


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The clip richard smokes again Part 3 from The Promotion (2008)

leading an honest life no matter what your life's like beside.
So I'm telling her. Because that's a man.
If you have that "to the max" clean love-
man, that-that "all the way" love-
then you could be even, like, a midget or something...
and still light it up with a smile.
So go on, let it shine.
I'm not bullshittin'. Lori, I can make a go of it.
We're goin'. We're goin' to Glasgow, fuckin' like it or not.
Okay, great. Yeah, go visit your grammy. And then come on back, yeah?
Make it a holiday. I'll show you I can make a big dancing go of it.
Tell your grammy I said hi. I'll be seeing her.
I'll tell Grammy that you're a doper. I'll tell Grammy that.
Whoa. Lori, don't.
Okay, Chrissie. Have a little holiday with your grammy.
All right. Let's go.
I'll be seein' ya.
Lori, make it a holiday.
Will you get the mail in when you get home?

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