The Promotion (2008): Doug Interviews for the Job


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The clip doug interviews for the job from The Promotion (2008) with John C. Reilly

Just that I'd give the new store my all.
I think you would.
Good. So if there's nothing else...
send in jack apples.
Let's get applejacker's interview over with.
That cheese cracker.
Good luck.
Because you're gonna need it.
Before I get Richard, I just-
We have this bag boy
Hardy. I wanted to tell you that, when you thought...
that Richard Wehlner was talking trash talk, as you said...
Richard was just letting me know there are parts of Hardy's life that made him sad.
That's all.
Which parts?
Um, the parts where Hardy can't stop masturbating his penis.
So he has a powdered right hand for a deterrent.
Wouldn't powder make the experience better?
Uh, probably, but-
This is a specific powder with sandpaper-like qualities, I think.
All I'm saying is that- Richard is a good guy.
He's not out of line or inappropriate.
I wanted you to know.
He's a real good grocer.
So if there was no inappropriate talk...
I guess that leaves you guys on equal footing.
Yeah. I guess.
Tell Richard we'll be with him in five minutes.

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