The Promotion (2008): Using Mace


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The clip using mace from The Promotion (2008)

But I just decided to bear down, motivate my staff to raise their game...
and just get more hands-on.
I was going to handle it. I was going to keep my cool and handle anything.
Then something happened: the Tater Tot incident
You're on the lot.
provoked by what I call the "Yoo-hoo smash. "
Full Yoo-hoo.
That's assault! I'm callin' the police. You're gone!
Suck my dick.
You're fucking gone.
All spiced up with a little Mace.
I mean, what did he do? Did he grab you?
He, like-
A bottle hit me, and then he tugged at my shirt.
He threw it?
I don't know, someone in the group!
Hey, you Maced him full in the face. He's in the hospital.
Why don't you calm down?
He hit me in the head with a bottle. It's out there.
Look, pal, there's a lot of bottles out there.
What I know is, he's got a face full of liquid frenzine...
his mom and dad are upset, and I'm tryin' to figure out what he did to you.
They wanna talk to somebody- an owner, they said.
I have to call the board. Frig.
Man, he grabbed me.
Are you going to press charges?
I don't know. I have to talk to the board. Are they? Can they?
I don't know. The parents are upset.
Javier, what are you- You just left these here?
The bag's damaged.
What, are they gonna melt? Come on, man.
This is bullshit.
This... is...
Hey! Whoa!
He's whippin' stuff at me.
I was tossing them out. He walked right in front of me.

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