Mr. Fix It (2006): Secret of Life

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Published 4 Dec 2011
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The clip secret of life from Mr. Fix It (2006)

Okay. Whenever you're ready.
I thought about your question
and it kept me up several nights as it did others.
I thought it was a difficult question,
but actually it's quite simple.
When I was young, about your age,
I was fascinated with old people.
I watched them as if they were warning signs of life.
"Be careful or some day you'll be old. "
It made me believe that the secret of life was staying young.
No responsibilities, no worries, no problems.
As long as I remained spontaneous, playful, and carefree,
I would never become old.
Unfortunately, possessing those qualities had a bitter side effect.
When I was young I didn't notice the loneliness, but as I got older
staying young became more and more difficult.
Loneliness, I realized, was starting to make me old.
But instead of finding somebody to be spontaneous, playful, and carefree with me,
I continued lying to myself.
As so many do.
Until now.
The secret of life isn't staying young.
The secret of life is finding a love that grows fonder as you grow older.
It's what many call true love.
Because when you have true love you feel young, no matter what age you are.
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