Mr. Fix It (2006): Promotional Video


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The clip promotional video from Mr. Fix It (2006)

I just didn't make Carol laugh anymore.
How about this one?
What do you call a dinosaur that's had sex with me?
A vagina-saurus.
Martha said I was the jealous type.
If that guy hugs you again like that,
I'm gonna break his freaking jaw.
That's my brother.
I didn't know you were from West Virginia.
Bonny said I was inconsiderate.
Hey! Hey!
What the fu-
Now she thinks I'm a laugh riot.
She hasn't yelled at me in months.
I didn't have to change.
I'm still a hung like a chestnut,
but after how Mr. Fix It behaved,
well, at least I can still get it up.
Thanks, Mr. Fix it.
Here's the rules.

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