K-9 (1989): Dooley Interrupts the Dinner Party


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The clip dooley interrupts the dinner party from K-9 (1989)

Wash it, wax it, put a windshield in.
It's by invitation only.
Call the cops.
You don't belong here.
Call the cops.
Sorry we're late!
This is a bitchin' pad, man! You got a pool in your dining room!
You know, I gotta get one of these.
Hey, I'm sorry Tracy couldn't make it, but she kinda disappeared on me.
But the invitation did say bring a guest, so I brought Jerry Lee.
Why don't you mingle with the guests?
I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
Ken, come on now. I just got here.
Please escort this man to the door.
Oh, I'm not gonna shoot you.
You guys are good guys. He's the bad guy.
Ken, I'd have a seat. You don't look too good.
Well, I think we'd best all do as he says.
No, Ken, just you. Not "we"
This poor man is obviously confused and upset.
Upset? Do I look upset to you?
Am I upset? Do I look upset? I'm not upset.
I'm a party animal! I love parties, Ken!
Come on! What's the grub like?
This wine sucks. Is this crystal?

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