K-9 (1989): Dooley is Arrested


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The clip dooley is arrested from K-9 (1989)

Just let me outta this goddamn cage, will ya?
Byers! Byers!
Rog, Rog. Jesus, am I glad you're here, man. Cut me loose now, will ya?
You blew it. You are out of control.
No, I tried to convince Lyman I'm crazy.
I got news for you: You are crazy.
Listen to me, Roger.
Lyman's got Tracy. He kidnapped her to keep me from that shipment.
I wouldn't lie to you.
Sure you would. You always do.
Not this. I'm tellin' you the truth. I got an answering-machine tape to prove it.
I had to put this move on, to convince Lyman that I was nuts. I had to con him.
Put yourself in his position. He thinks for the next 24 hours I'm behind bars.
What would you do? You'd move that shipment of dope before I made bail.
That's what you'd do. The deal is goin' down tonight.
I gotta be there. You gotta let me out now.
I don't wanna hear it. It's your bullshit that got Tracy involved in the first place.
From here on in, this is a coordinated effort.
That means you, me, and the rest of the department.
Let's go.

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