K-9 (1989): Officer Lewis Saves the Day Part 2


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The clip officer lewis saves the day Part 2 from K-9 (1989)

No? Come on, don't get cute with me, Benny.
This dog hasn't eaten since yesterday.
It's the truth.
I don't know any names. He never gave me any.
Did he mention anything about, like, a shipment of drugs comin' in?
He say anything about that?
I don't know nothin'.
Bite his dick off.
No! No! Wait! No! Whoa!
I know, OK? There is a shipment. I forgot.
But it ain't goin' near the streets. It's all goin' to one buyer. I don't know who it is.
No, I know! All right, I know!
I know who it is. I know who it is.
It's... it's a dude named Gilliam.
Big-timer. He's comin' in tomorrow. Hotel del Coronado.
He's lookin' to score large. That's it.
You sure?
I boost a couple of cars now and then.
And before I became a shooter, I was in a couple of gay biker snuff films.
What do you want from me?!
You should be disgusted with yourself.
OK, Jerry. Come!
Arrest this guy for attempted murder,
and the rest of them for cruelty to animals.

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