K-9 (1989): Dooley's Car is Blown Up


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The clip dooley's car is blown up from K-9 (1989) with James Belushi

Ah, this is great
Agh! Goddamn it.
Lovers' lane.
Hi! Police.
This is an emergency. I have to use your phone.
Sorry about the upholstery. Just pretend I'm not here, OK? I'll be a second.
$100 bottle of champagne!
She's worth it. Aw, damn, the machine's on, you know?
You have one? I hate them.
You got a Kleenex? Ah, forget it. That's all right. This'll come off.
Ah. Hi, Tracy. Yeah, it's Dooley.
I'm just calling to let you know I'm gonna be a little late.
What's that?
I gotta go, honey.
Well, it's not the Eyewitness News team.
I think someone's mad at me.
Definitely, someone is mad at me.

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