K-9 (1989): Competing with the Job


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The clip competing with the job from K-9 (1989)

You know, I'm onto something big.
You always are.
It's Lyman. I think I got him scared.
He tried to kill me tonight.
Just what I wanted to hear.
I feel so much better now
Look, look.
What do you want me to say, honey? I'll say it.
It's not what you say. I know what's important to you.
It's not me. It's the next bust or the next shipment or South American cheeseball.
Now, I know that. And I either have to deal with that or find some other way to live.
All right. Look. If you hate it so much, just move out.
Just take your shoes and move out.
I own this house. You moved in with me.
That's right. That's right.
I was wondering how I could afford such a nice place. It's really... so tasteful.
It's very nice. You did a very nice job.
Forget it for now. I know verbal skills aren't your strong point.
What are my strong points?
No, not those either.
You're a liar.
You're a bragger.
Hello. Dooley.
Got an address on Freddie, huh?
No, give it to me.
No, no. No black-and-whites. I don't wanna scare him.
No, no.

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