You Me and Dupree (2006): Getting a Vasectomy


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The clip getting a vasectomy from You Me and Dupree (2006)

You talk to Sam about the zoning issues?
Yeah. And to be honest with you, sir, they're still in flux.
Carl, I'm going to the bank in days, all right? I cannot have things in flux.
I realize that, sir. I'll get on it right away.
Carl, sit down, please. Please just sit down.
You know, there's something you said to me
a few days ago that I just cannot get out of my mind.
Something about you and Molly having children.
Oh, right. Yeah, no. That was... That was hypothetical.
That's not something that we're talking about doing any time soon.
You know what I did, Carl, when I started dating again?
No idea. I got a vasectomy.
A vasectomy? Yeah.
Okay. That's a little extreme, don't you think?
Not really. It's a mild outpatient procedure.
A little local anesthesia, snip snip,
sit on a bag of frozen peas for a night. Voil�.
I mean, that was it, and it's
one hundred percent effective.
Carl, read the literature. It is reversible.
Seventy percent of the time. All right. See you get your shit together, all right?
I want it back on my desk, this zoning stuff, by 3:00 today.
All right? Thank you, Carl.

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