You Me and Dupree (2006): Carl Attacks Dupree


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The clip carl attacks dupree from You Me and Dupree (2006)

Dupree. How would you like to go fishing with me in my boat?
Yeah. Just the two of us.
Chick-a-boom. Chick-a-boom.
Why not?
Hey, Bob, is it just me, or are the albacore really jumping?
You're funny.
What type of fool thinks it's albacore season?
Dupree, from now on, you call me "Dad. "
Yeah. Go out there. Maybe bring Molly along.
Nice, Dupree. Need some of this?
You sure you're okay with this, Bob?
As long as it's not Carl, you can do anything you want with her.
Poetry, Aunt Kathy, librarian-banging, backstabbing, bike-riding,
couch-burning masturbator!
You ruined my life! You ruined my life! Carl, get off of him! Stop it!
Get a hold of yourself!
Oh, my God! I will not get a hold of myself!
This is my house! Are you kidding me?
What are you gonna do, hit me with that thing?
You gonna hit me? Carl, stop it!
Come on! I dare you!
You dared me.

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