You Me and Dupree (2006): a Fire in the House


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The clip a fire in the house from You Me and Dupree (2006)

No. No.
I thought you were really brave.
I mean, I have a whole new respect for you, Carl.
Well, the rice was okay, but just for the record,
octopus does not taste like chicken.
But you ate it.
What is that?
Funky Cold Medina?
It looks like Dupree brought his date home.
Honey, what is a tie doing on our door?
Molly, I think we ought to drive around the block a couple times.
Wait a minute. No way. Mandy's a Mormon.
She's not the kind of girl... A Mormon?
...who would get busy on the first date.
You fixed Dupree up with a Mormon librarian.
Molly, wait!
Oh, my God. What?
Let's drive around the block.
That butter dish was our wedding gift.
Guys, guys! Hold it! Let me explain. What was he doing with butter?
Dupree, no need to explain. It's not what it looks like.
Dupree, no explanation necessary. I know.
Go back in the house!
Not before I thank Molly for the best night of my life.
Mol, Mol. Thank you.
What happened in there, it was so natural. So beautiful.
Go back inside. Listen, I've got neighbors. I know you do.
But listen to me. I'm in love.
Dupree. Dupree, I'm not going to do this with you tonight!
Jesus! Molly, call the fire department! Oh, my...
Carl! Mandy!
Mandy! Mandy!
Fire in our house! It's fire!
My couch! Roll!

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