You Me and Dupree (2006): the Flaming Tornado


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The clip the flaming tornado from You Me and Dupree (2006)

One! Two! Three! Carl!
Hey, everybody, listen up.
Now, wait. Just wait.
In honor of your impending nuptials,
I want to perform a feat that I've used to mark every special occasion
in our lives since at least high school.
Ladies and gentlemen, birds and bees,
I present to you the Flaming Tornado!
Honey, look who's here! Hi!
This is just a safety precaution.
Okay. Little room here. Need to focus.
Barkeep, your finest Kentucky bourbon, low-grade tequila...
I've got a mai tai.
Don't let him start till I get back... lemon slices, a funnel,
and an open flame.
Okay. Funnel.
Tornado! Tornado!
Open flames. Carl will have the honor.
Will the groom please light the liquid?
Carl, grab this. Carl, you got... Where...
What are you doing? Do the Tornado.
Maybe later. No!
No. What are you doing, man?
No, we'll do it later.
Do it now!
Carl has to be here. Now!
Let Carl come and do it. Dude.
I'm doing the Tornado, bitch!
Do that Tornado!
Neil! Neil! Neil!
Oh, my God!

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