You Me and Dupree (2006): Fixing Up Dupree


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The clip fixing up dupree from You Me and Dupree (2006)

You know, Carl, I...
I really think I've been pretty cool about this whole situation,
and I hate having this conversation with you.
But this is not exactly how I pictured us getting started.
I know.
Look, Dupree's got to go.
No. It's not about kicking Dupree out.
It's just that you said it was gonna be a couple of days.
Look, Molly. He's my best friend.
Somehow I feel responsible for him.
Then maybe it's time to start prioritizing your responsibilities.
You're right.
What if he had a girlfriend? Good idea.
But how is a guy with no job, no car, living on somebody's couch
gonna find any kind of girlfriend? Our new librarian.
She seems really nice.
You want to fix Dupree up with a really nice librarian?
Listen, I know the guy for 25 years.
I think he's more into the young, foreign, non-librarian type.
Well, it wouldn't hurt to ask. I wouldn't get my hopes up.

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