You Me and Dupree (2006): in the Bedroom


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The clip in the bedroom from You Me and Dupree (2006) with Matt Dillon

What do you hear? What do you say?
So, let me get this straight. I mean, he hijacks our answering machine.
"Carl and Molly, press two. " Okay?
And then he decides, "Hey, I'm sleeping on the couch,
"and I'm gonna order HBO."
I mean, I don't know, Carl. Am I wrong here?
Molly, what do you want me to do, whack the guy?
Look, I told Dupree not to change anything without asking,
and I gave him a pair of pajamas.
Dupree's gonna get the hang of this.
He's never truly been domesticated. He's like the ape-man of Borneo.
Oh, so we're the lucky ones who get to housebreak him?
No, you know what I mean, honey.
I'm over it.
I finished my thank-you notes today.
Do you need help with your half? No, no, no, I...
Candlesticks, bread maker, Crock-Pot. I got them covered.
It's my final offer.
No, I got them covered.
Sorry to interrupt. Oh!
Damn it, Dupree! What is this? This is an emergency.
I'm sorry. The downstairs crapper, it's on the fritz again.
What do you mean, "It's on the fritz"?
I don't know. It's on the fritz.
Please tell me he's joking.
We might need some matches.
Does that answer your question?

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