1408 (2007): Restaurant


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The clip restaurant from 1408 (2007)

I think in the dream the room's your subconscious
and it brought up a lot of stuff.
That's a good thing for you.
But this was... I mean, I was down the rabbit hole.
I was rattled. I was shook up.
And I can't shake it. I think after dinner
you should drive me back to the hospital,
check me into the psych unit.
You look really great.
I can't believe I'm sitting here with you.
Tell me about it.
Is everything all right? Can I get you anything else?
I'll have another glass of wine, please.
The same.
Yeah, I'll have another tequila...
Patron, chilled, double.
Be right back.
Katie was there.
Can you imagine
what it feels like to have the sensation?
I mean, the very real sensation
that I talked to her, like, two days ago?
I talked to her, saw her, touched her.
I see her every night when I shut my eyes.
Yeah, but it was so vivid.
It was so real.
Maybe you should write about it.
About Katie? Shit.
You always were tougher than me.
Why not?
Seriously, it sounds like you're ready to deal with this stuff.
Can you stay?
I'm sorry.
Okay, we have got 148.

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