1408 (2007): Book Signing


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The clip book signing from 1408 (2007)

Oh hey.
How's it going? Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm here for the big event.
All right. Cool.
I'm Mike Enslin.
Book signing.
Oh, right.
Oh, that's you, yeah. I see the resemblance, yeah.
That's a good picture.
Thanks, man.
All right, hold on.
Um... attention, book lovers.
Tonight we have noted occult writer
Michael Enslin
at the Author's Corner tonight.
He's the writer of the best-selling ghost survival guides,
um... with such titles as "10 Haunted Hotels,"
"10 Haunted Graveyards,"
"10 Haunted Lighthouses."
That's tonight, 7:00 pm.
Mike: Anyway, so I really enjoyed writing it,
and that's kind of a history of the book.
And I hope you enjoy it, or enjoyed it.
Uh, you know, stay scared.
Right? Any questions?
Where's the scariest place you've ever been?
Scariest place I've ever been?
Uh, I've never heard that question before.
That's a joke.
Well, all these places have very colorful histories.
I would say, if I had to pick a top one,
I would say Bar Harbor,
the site of the grisly McTeig wedding night murders.
That's an intense place. Or maybe St. Cloud, Minnesota,
where the crazed war widow threw her baby down a well.
I mean, those all have a lot of... I mean, it's thick.
The air is thick.
What about poltergeists?
Look, I'm a good researcher. I go into every gig locked and loaded.
I travel with an EMF meter, full-range spectrometer,
infrared camera. I mean, look, nothing would make me happier
than to experience a paranormal event,
you know, to get a glimpse of the elusive light
at the end of the tunnel.

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