1408 (2007): Television


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The clip television from 1408 (2007)

Woman: Oh, man. I'm gonna get you.
You are finished. Come here. Come here!
Dad! Sit down!
Mike: You want me to sit down?
Mike: You want me to sit down?
Okay, hold on, hold on.
Let me find a good...
let me find a good frame here.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the Most Ugliest Person Competition.
Fifth and fourth place
goes to Boris and Doris the goldfish.
Ladies and gentlemen! Let's get a closeup of those guys.
Let's have a closeup of Boris and Doris.
Look at that. Those are some ugly fish.
They're so ugly they're running from you.
Third place goes to Mike Enslin.
Surprise surprise.
Right, how's this for ugly?
Second place goes to Lily Enslin.
That was good.
That's kind of like Beowulf meets a redneck.
I like it.
And first place goes to Katie Enslin.
That is a terror. That is...
oh, God! Don't show me that face!
Oh, I can't look at it again.
Lily: Whatever you do, don't turn around.
Whatever you do, don't show us that face.

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