1408 (2007): Funeral


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The clip funeral from 1408 (2007)

We commend to Almighty God our brother,
and we commit his body to the ground,
earth to earth, ashes to ashes,
dust to dust.
May you rest in peace.
All: Amen.
Well, they're together now.
Let's go.
Olin: Mrs. Enslin?
I am sorry to intrude at such a delicate time,
but I knew your husband. I worked at the Dolphin.
While we were cleaning up, we came across some of his belongings.
No, thank you.
They are of such a personal nature, ma'am.
I figured maybe you would want to...
No, please.
It's not how I want to remember him.
I'm sure you understand.
Oh yes, yes. Of course I understand.
But it's important that you know that he did a great thing.
He did not die in vain.
What are you talking about?
Because of him, the room won't reopen. It's been...
All right, okay, stop.
Just give the lady some air.
She's been through enough, don't you think?

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