For Richer or Poorer (1997): Continuing the Fashion Show


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The clip continuing the fashion show from For Richer or Poorer (1997)

in her bright yellow sundress and azure underlay,
making those baby blues just sparkle.
Doesn't it just scream daffodils and sunflowers?
Or not?
Thank you.
What happened to him?
He couldn't take the pressure.
Emma was so disappointed. He was to wear her men's colours.
Now we have Martha in a very conservative number.
Now, I ask you a question. ls she going to church or... a picnic?
You tell me!
Wherever she's going, she's gonna have a great time.
Thank you, Martha.
Um... I also have clothes for you men.
Unfortunately, male models being... you know, what male models are...
Here comes Jacob Yoder.
Whether he's on his way to town to purchase grain,
or he's shearing his sheep,
he always looks his best in his blueberry work shirt
and his blackberry suit.
Almost good enough to eat.
Thank you, Jacob.
Thank you, Jacob. Thank you.
Thanks, honey. Jacob!
Cool it!
And that concludes Rainbow Harvest '97.

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