Knocked Up (2007): Baby Products Shopping


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The clip baby products shopping from Knocked Up (2007) with Katherine Heigl, Leslie Mann

Ben knows, but I've sworn him to secrecy.
I'll get it out of him.
Think we'll ever be as happy as Baby Bj?rn couple is?
We are that happy.
Yeah. You look happy.
Which is awesome, 'cause I never like guys like you. It's great.
You keep saying that. I know.
This is it. This is perfect.
Holy shit! It's 1,400 bucks.
We can just borrow yours. Is that okay?
No. You need your own crib.
You know, there's one of these lying in an alley behind my house.
We could just grab that. Just rub Purell all over it.
You know what? Let me buy it.
I need to get you a baby present anyway.
And I would love to get it for you.
I'm serious. I want to.
No. It's too much.
Yes. We'll take it.
Obviously, I mean, don't insult the woman.
She wants to get us a gift.
Wanna buy me some new shoes? What else can I squeeze out of you?
Xbox 360. Xbox 360.

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