Knocked Up (2007): Roomates Business Plan


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The clip roomates business plan from Knocked Up (2007) with Jason Segel, Martin Starr

All right? Are you sure you understand the terms of the bet?
Because this is serious.
Martin, all right, listen.
You don't shave your beard or cut your hair for one year, and if you can do that, I will pay your rent.
But if you shave, then you have to pay all five of our rents.
Thanks for the free money, bitch.
Hey, Martin, was it weird when you joined the Taliban, being American and everything like that?
Like when you see a woman driving a car, do you just get pissed?
Just watch your back, Serpico. You never know who your friends are.
Okay, all right. You guys can't make fun of me the whole time.
But, Martin, it's a competition. It's called the Dirty Man Competition.
We're gonna make fun of you until you shave the beard.
That's the rules.
That's the whole point.
You're supposed to be tempted into shaving.
Your face looks like Robin Williams' knuckles.
You guys aren't allowed to make fun of me.
It's not part of the rules.
Martin, why didn't you just listen to me when
I was explaining the rules?
You just looked at me with that blank stare of yours.
It was like talking to a wax statue.
Okay, guys, are you ready?
So, 'Only at fleshofthestars. com will customers be able to find
'exactly how long into what movies their favorite stars are exposed.'
Oh, fucking brilliant.
Pretty good, right?
Yeah. Yeah, ka-ching. We're in.
All right, guys, let start logging, all right?
Charles Manson? Do you have any other thoughts?
Good, awesome, let's start this off with a bang.
Jamie Lee Curtis. I got an hour and 10 minutes into Trading Places.
Both chesticles.
I got Julianne 'Red Beard' Moore.
Short Cuts, two hours, 17 minutes, bush no boobs.
Julianne Moore special. She loves it.
I've seen that, and from the look of her bush, Short Cuts is the wrong name for that movie.
Nice. Nice. Nice. Well done.
Her bush looks like the hedge maze from The Shining but red and without Scatman Crothers in it.
Red Bush.
Red Bush.

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