Knocked Up (2007): Mother's Advice


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The clip Mother's advice from Knocked Up (2007) with Jay Baruchel, Jason Segel

Oh, great. Now he's upset.
I won't let him do it.
Allison, just take care of it.
Take care of it. Move on.
What's gonna happen with your career?
How are you gonna tell them?
I'm not gonna tell them for a while.
I have a while before I have to say anything.
How could you not tell them? They're not gonna know.
I mean, I'm only gonna start to show when I'm like,
I don't know, six months or something.
Seven months.
Three months.
Three months. Fat in the face, jowls, fat ass.
Debbie didn't get fat.
Debbie is a freak of nature.
Mom, you know, it's important to me that you be supportive.
I cannot be supportive of this. This is a mistake.
This is a big, big mistake.
Now, think about your stepsister.
Now, you remember what happened with her?
She had the same situation as you, and she had it taken care of.
And you know what? Now she has a real baby.
Honey, this is not the time.

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