Knocked Up (2007): Playing with the Children


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The clip playing with the children from Knocked Up (2007) with Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl

Feed the Teddy bear.
Okay, I feed your bear the grass?
You know what your bear would also like to do with some grass?
Smoke it.
What do you think of him? He's funny, right?
All right, bring it back.
He's playing fetch with my kids.
He's treating my kids like they're dogs.
No, he's not.
Go get it! Fetch!
Who plays fetch with kids?
He's trying. He's making an effort.
Bring it back.
He's overweight.
Where does that end?
How old is he?
Looks 33.
He can barely get in and out of that little house.
Imagine how much bigger he's gonna get.
That means he has bad genes.
Your kid is gonna be overweight.
I'm gonna get you!
I'm gonna get...
Just give him a break.
Okay. I'll try.

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