Knocked Up (2007): Ruining the Moment


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The clip ruining the moment from Knocked Up (2007) with Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl

At least we don't have to use a condom, you know?
But we can. I don't... I brought some just in case. I don't...
I don't have VD or anything. I mean, I don't, I thought...
It's not that.
You know, it's just...
I thought maybe we could get a little fun out of your situation, you know?
Okay, first of all, it's not my situation.
It's our situation.
I know, of course, I know that.
And just because I'm pregnant, I'm not some ruined woman and all romance goes out the door.
Okay, okay. I'm sorry.
It's just...
I like you a lot. That's all this is. That's...
I like you, too.
A little, so far.
I mean, we have seven months before the baby comes.
We don't have to rush it.
We should really just try to get to know each other and give this a real shot.
You know, we got ourselves into this situation.
We kind of have to.
For the baby, right?
Okay, if this was our second date, what would you do?
B.J., if I'm just being honest, I would probably...
I told my roommates I thought I was gonna get a B.J., so...
You know what?
For the sake of getting to know one another, can you not talk like that?
Yeah, I can do that. I'm... I'm really nervous.
I'm nervous, too. I'm really nervous.

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