Knocked Up (2007): First Real Date


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The clip First real date from Knocked Up (2007) with Katherine Heigl, Seth Rogen

The funny thing is I really had never even thought about having a baby.
I mean, if this hadn't happened,
I don't think I would have wanted to have a baby for like,
I don't know, at least 10 years.
At least!
God, I mean, honestly, I just got used to the, like, notion that someone would even have sex with me.
I didn't think this would happen.
Get ready.
This will be coming out of you in seven months.
This is exactly what our baby will look like.
It's a beautiful picture, Ben.
It is. It's not bad.
Hello, Mommy.
Our baby's gonna be French-Canadian.
With a little hint of Spanish.
Exactly. I'm not good with accents, but...
Baby books.
'What to Expect When You're Expecting.'
What can we expect?
Well, you can't eat sushi.
You can't smoke.
You can't smoke marijuana. You can't smoke crack.
You can't jump on trampolines.
This is basically a giant list of things you can't do.
Yeah, it sounds thrilling.
I'm gonna be sitting there on the trampoline smoking crack.
And you're not gonna have anything to do.
You're gonna be bored.
But I can't wait to read these, honestly.
Seriously, I put these in front of my toilet, though, they'll be read by tomorrow morning.
Do you want me to get you that?
You like it?
Yeah, thank you.
No problem.
These are heavy.

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