Knocked Up (2007): Sisters Fight


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The clip sisters fight from Knocked Up (2007) with Katherine Heigl, Maude Apatow

What are you giggling about?
Be quiet. You're starting to annoy me.
Poo poo.
Ladies. Be nice.
You know what I did the other day?
I googled 'murder.'
You googled 'murder'?
I mean, what did it say?
It didn't say anything. It just showed pictures of people lying dead on the floor and blood everywhere, and...
That was just ketchup.
Who wants to hear some music?
I want to hear Rent.
I want to hear Green Day!
No, we're listening to Rent!
Well, I want to listen to Green Day.
I got your baby!
Don't taunt her. Come on.
Sadie! Why did you just do that? Don't throw things at your sister!
She hit me.
Did you hit her?
I did not.
Make her happy. It's okay.
It won't make her happy.
It's okay. It's okay.
She spilled all the marbles on the floor.
Well, give her her marble back.

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