Knocked Up (2007): Ben Will Make It Okay


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Did you talk to him?
I didn't talk to him directly. I left him a very nice message, though.
And... Okay.
What I'm about to tell you isn't that bad.
You should know that going in.
We can get through this, and it's just a little hiccough, but everything will be fine. Okay?
Do you trust me when I say everything will be fine?
I can deal with it.
So, Dr. Howard is at a bar mitzvah.
A bar mitzvah?
It's a Jewish rite of passage.
And he's gonna be there for the next three days, so he will not be able to be here tonight.
Oh, no.
It's okay.
What do you think we should do?
Okay. I know exactly what to do.
All we do is we'll get in the car, I'll drive to the hospital, and on the way, we will call every gynecologist we've met.
Someone will be available. You know?
Okay. I can do that.
Okay. Good.
I mean, we still have time. I mean, how far apart are your contractions?
I think, like, seven minutes.
Seven minutes!
See? Not until four minutes is it really coming.
And has your water broken, even?
I don't know. I'm in the tub.
That's a good point. Have you had your bloody show?
What? What's that?
It's, it's... I mean, it's a bloody mucusy discharge.
But it only comes out right before the baby's gonna come, so if that hasn't happened, we have time.
We can make it to the hospital. It's no problem.
You read the baby books.
Yeah. I did. I read three of them, actually.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey. Hey, you okay?

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