Knocked Up (2007): Meeting for the First Time

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The clip meeting for the first time from Knocked Up (2007) with Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl You're gonna b...
The clip meeting for the first time from Knocked Up (2007) with Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl You're gonna be embarrassed when you realize I'm Wilmer Valderrama. God. Hey, hey! Excuse me! He's literally ignoring this entire half of the bar. Don't even bother. Yeah, awesome. A beer over here, please? He looked at us! Did you see that? Yeah, that was rough. Oh, my God. And if you can't get service, what am I gonna do, you know? Great. It's gonna be that night. Okay, you want a beer? Yeah, just... Well, I'm... Watch this. Okay? Just observe. There you go. Come on, man. Here you go. For your trouble. Thank you. There you go. Thank you. Okay, enjoy it. Are you sure? I am sure. I tried that once before at the Comedy Store, and I got punched in the ear. Thanks a lot. Oh, fuck, fuck! I'm supposed to get one for my sister. Oh, here, take mine. No, that's okay. I'll wait. Please, I very rarely look cool. This is a big moment for me. Just take it. Thank you. Awesome. No problem. I'm Allison. I'm Ben. Well, have a great night. Yeah, you, too. Thanks for the beer. Okay, enjoy, be nice to them. Bye. Thanks again. I'll see you. No, I'll see you later. No, I won't 'cause I'm a pussy. What's up, Ben? That girl. She totally gave me an opening, man, and I locked up. I just want to get shit-faced tonight, though, you know. I'll just jerk it later. It's cool. Are you fucking crazy, man? She looks smart. Who's that she's sitting with? It's her sister. Her sister? Yeah. Dude, it's the dream. What are we doing standing here, man? Let's go. Come on, follow me. You stay here. Stay here. Why? Because your facelooks like a vagina. Dick! Hey, which one's the sister? Hey, Crockett, you still partying with Tubbs these days? Come on, man. I'm getting it from all angles here. I don't like it anymore. I know. I don't, either. Was it weird when you changed your name from Cat Stevens to Yusuf Islam? Yeah, it was really awkward.