Knocked Up (2007): Bad Trip


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The clip bad trip from Knocked Up (2007) with Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd

Let's move, gang! Come on, Come on, Come on!
Jessica, can you get these plates and put them on the table, please?
This isn't funny.
That guy has 12 kids. It's not funny. It's...
Now I get to start all over again!
This is sick. This is a sick movie.
That's a lot of responsibility to be joking about. That's not funny.
I got to turn this off. It's freaking me out.
There are five different types of chairs in this hotel room.
Holy fuck. What are they all doing in here?
These are five different types of chairs.
Get them out of here, man. This is too many chairs for one room.
There's a guy that works for this hotel. His whole job is to find chairs.
Look at this one. Look at it.
It's gold and red, and it's kind of shiny.
Shiny thread? Unbelievable.
It is beautiful and it feels amazing.
The tall one's gawking at me and the short one's being very droll.
I don't like them.
Oh, wow.
It's weird that chairs even exist when you're not sitting on them.
I'm up high! I'm really high up.
I should've read the baby books.
Why didn't you read the baby books?
'Cause then it's real, you know?
Dude, it's real whether or not you read those books.
That baby's coming.
Oh, man!
Think they'll take us back?
But I don't know why.
Do you ever wonder how somebody could even like you?
All the time, man. Like every day. I wonder how you like me.
How can Debbie like me? She likes me. I mean, she loves me.
The biggest problem in our marriage is that she wants me around.
She loves me so much that she wants me around all the time.
That's our biggest problem. And I can't even accept that?
Like that upsets me?
She's the one. She loves me.
You can't believe people love you?
I love you, man! Debbie loves you!
I don't think I can accept her love.
There's something wrong with me.
You can't accept love?
I don't know what it is.
Love? The most beautiful, shiny, warmy thing in the world?
You can't accept it?
I have to go to this other chair.
Oh, this is a better energy.
You can't accept pure love? You can't accept Debbie?

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