Blazing Saddles (1974): Seduction in the Dark


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The clip Seduction in the dark from Blazing Saddles (1974) with Madeline Kahn

Wie gehts, meine schatzie?
Faw out!
A wed wose. How womantic!
Have a seat, shewiff.
Won't you excuse me for a moment...
...while I slip into something a little bit more comfortable?
Bitte, baby.
Why don't you loosen your bullets?
Ahh, I feel wefweshed!
Isn't it bwight in here?
There! Isn't that better?
Pardon me, I'll be back in a moment.
How is it going?
He's like wet sauerkraut in my hands. By morning he will be my slave.
Oh, just let me have a little feel.
Where were we? Where are you?
Let me sit down next to you.
Tell me, schatzie... it, ah, twu what they say about the way you people are gifted?
Oh, it's twu, it's twu!

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