They Live (1988): George Watches The Church


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The clip George Watches The Church from They Live (1988) with Keith David

I've been hearing stuff on the street. Weird stuff.
An epidemic of violence is what they're saying.
I was talking to one old boy from San Anselmo.
He says up there they're talking end-of-the-world kind of stuff.
What are they doing?
Shooting people, robbing banks.
A whole lot of people going crazy over some nutty dream they just had.
The truth is, this kind of shit happens at the end of every century.
It's just people afraid to face the future.
What's happening?
I was inside there. It's full of boxes and some kind of lab setup.
What do you mean?
The singing is a tape recording.
Leave it alone, man. It's none of our business.
Gilbert is in there helping them.
I've got a job now. I just keep walking the white line.

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