The Departed (2006): Asking for Pills


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The clip Asking for pills from The Departed (2006) with Leonardo DiCaprio, Vera Farmiga

I have to come here.
I know you have to come here.
But now that you're here...
...what do you want?
You want the truth?
If you lied, you would have an easier time getting what you wanted.
What's that say about what you do?
We should have a few more meetings...
... before we even talk about prescriptions.
Look, I'm having panic attacks.
Other night, I thought I was having a heart attack. I puked in a barrel on the way over.
I haven't slept for fucking weeks.
Is that true?
Yeah, that's true.
I said something fucking true. I want some fucking pills...
...and you're gonna close my file?
I didn't say I'd close your file. No, I...
I thought I was supposed to tell...
... the truth here, if only fucking here.
You are! Yes.
A guy comes in here against every instinct of privacy, of self-reliance that he has...
...and what do you do?
What do you do? You send him off on the street to score smack? Is that what you do?
You're fucking ridiculous.
Two pills?
Why don't you just give me a bottle of Scotch...
...and a handgun to blow my fucking head off?
Are we done with this psychiatry bullshit?
You can leave!
What did I just put myself through? I'm out of here.
And what if that was a legitimate threat? Think about it, fucking hotshot.

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